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Valentine's Dance

Bringing Valentine's to MD Anderson 

This project was created after Kamden talked about his experience in the hospital system one day during homeroom. He told his friends Anh and Shawna that one of his best memories was the homecoming dance that was thrown for all the children at the hospital. He reminisced about how relieving of an experience it was, and Shawna immediately expressed interest in trying to provide that experience more consistently, especially in the first half of the year.

Kamden and Shawna then partnered with SULU and started planning the Valentine’s Dance. The day was full of fun activities for the kids to enjoy and celebrate Valentine’s Day. They also made sure to include the children who were unable to leave their rooms by having goodie bags for them so that they could also have something to make them smile.

“I will never forget seeing how incredibly happy and positive the kids were as I got to play and talk with each of them. Doing this project left a huge impact on me, and I am incredibly grateful for SULU for allowing it to happen.”

-Shawna Tucker


Shawna Tucker

Project Leader


Kamden Burke

Project Leader

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Anh Nguyen


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