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A Bit About Us

Everyone has a Talent and Every Talent can Serve

Here at Serve Up Lead Up (SULU) we have one core belief: that everyone has some sort of special gift and that that gift can be used to make the world a better place. Whether you are young, old, healthy, or sick there is something you can do to help. Our goal is to help bring this out in people. 

The main way we accomplish this is by having experienced project leaders (who we call mentors) go around the community and support passionate people with service ideas (who we call project leaders). We try and give the project leaders as much freedom as possible when executing their vision with the mentors providing money, manpower, and ,most importantly, experience. 

Meet the People

Project Leaders

Meet the passionate people who we have helped develop and execute service projects.


Meet the people who's experience helps drive our projects to success.


Meet the people who hold the organization together from behind the scenes.

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