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College Application Aid

Update: The project has officially launched! Please visit the College Resources for more. 

Applying for college can often be a difficult and scary thing to navigate. This project focuses on breaking down the process and providing helpful resources to guide applicants through their application journey. 

Included will be a:
1. College Application Timeline - To help applicants keep track of all the important dates.

2. Application Tracker - To help applicants keep track of their application progress.

3. Application Deadlines Informational - To help applicants understand the different types of deadlines.

4. FAFSA FAQ - To answer all the most important questions regarding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

5. Scholarship Spreadsheet - To help applicants start their scholarship hunt.

6. Texas Universities Spreadsheet - Compares different Texas universities and colleges to help students in their search for the right college. 


Of course, more may be added at a later date! This project will be launched on February 26th with all its basic features and will be constantly updated and upgraded moving forward


Gwen Obediente

Project Leader

Professional Picture (2).jpg

Anh Nguyen


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