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Christmas Carnival

Music to Make the World a Little Better

What is the best part of the holiday season? Is it the presents? The food? The ugly sweaters? In our opinion, it is always the people. In very few other times throughout the year do we get to just enjoy the company of our friends and family. However, that is not true for everyone. Every year there are hundreds of children who do not get to spend holidays with their families. Instead, they spend their holidays in group homes like Boys and Girls Harbor.  We wanted to help by bringing at least a little bit of joy to these children, which is why we made our first project Serve Up Sing Up.

In the beginning, the idea was to just sing Christmas carols for the children, but after several years of doing Serve Up Sing Up, it has grown into much more than that. Now instead of just singing, we also cook the children a special Holiday dinner. Along with that we also have magic shows, games, and sing alongs. But out of all the things we do for the children, the one that loved the most is the Santa. Ever since our second Serve Up Sing Up, we have brought the children a real life Santa (he's got the real beard and everything) with an actual sack full of toys! Nothing beats seeing the excitement and pure joy of these children when they finally meet Santa.  








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