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Snacks and Goodnight

Goodnight Snacks at a Women's Shelter

Being a single parent is recognized everywhere as being a very challenging job. Raising children in itself is already a difficult task, doing it alone seems nearly impossible. For this reason we have partnered ourselves with the Houston women's shelter, Star of Hope, to help them in their Snacks and Goodnight program. Snacks and Goodnight is a daily program that occurs around 8 to 9 PM in which volunteers can bring a goodnight snack for the parents and children living with Star of Hope. However, SULU did not stop there. Along with the snacks we also brought motivational cards made from both our members and other people we have done service projects for in the past, passing the love forwards and hopefully provide these parents with a little encouragement in their day to day lives.


January 14, 2017

January 28, 2017

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