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Every university or college has ambassadors or recruiters that tell you about the best parts of their university. But how do you know what college is right for you if all you hear about is the good? Our personal testimonies come from current college students from various universities across Texas to provide you with their real-life and honest experience at these colleges. We hope to provide college applicants with better insight and understanding.

 the students behind the testimonies

Image by James Lee
Professional Picture (2) - Anh

Anh Nguyen





I chose to go to Texas Tech because I got into their early medical school acceptance program. The best part about TTU is the honors college. Not only do they have some of the most interesting and bizarre classes, but they also have really good advisors that are really there to support you through a variety of things some of which are only tangentially academic.


any advice for those currently going through the college application process?

"Don't be too hard on yourself! Anything is redeemable, whether a bad grade or a bad day. You can do more than you know-- it just takes time to get used to things. "

“Start early! Senioritis will get to you even if you know you'll have a lot of free time. Start thinking about what you could write for your essays the summer before senior year ”

"Look at the department of your major and try to find out what resources that specific department offers undergraduate students."

“Apply for every scholarship on the planet and look for application fee waivers ”

— Annie B.

— Gwen O.

— Jared S.

— Alyssa O.

Interested in sharing your college experience?

SULU is currently looking for more students in universities across Texas to provide information about their experience in college. Please fill out the google forms attached on this page if you are interested. All information submitted on that form will be shared publically. 

The link to the form can also be found here:

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