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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was a trying time for everyone in the Houston area. Many lost their floors, possessions, pets, and some their whole homes. While we could not replace everything, we could at least put in time to make the suffering of some a bit easier to bear. We did this in many ways. First we created care packages complete with sizable amounts of rice, sandwiches, and bananas. Next we volunteered out our local church to help people sign their FEMA relief forms along with sorting out all donated clothes. After that, we took several weekends to help clear out the homes of many people who were flooded so the process of rebuilding could begin. Finally, we had a small group volunteer at the Houston Food Bank to sort and package more food.


Of course we never planned to allocate resources to this effort, as the hurricane came unexpectedly, but we thought after something as devastating as Hurricane Harvey that we could put our heads together and help in one way or another. We thought it our job as a non-profit volunteering organization to do what we could, and what we felt was needed.

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